Monday, September 23, 2013

Columbus Wizard Comic Con 2013

Went to the Columbus Wizard Comic Con over the weekend and had a ton of fun.  Here's some pictures from the awesome event.  I know tons of Star Wars characters while Allison and I went as Star Trek characters.

Friday, July 5, 2013

the uncluded

It has been awhile since I felt like posting anything on my blog.  Things have been going on and life is moving forward, but nothing has really inspired me to write for a long time.  I think drawing my comic over at mini dove comics has been consuming my life for the past few years.  I guess that's just life.  Luckily that doesn't stay that way forever.  Sometimes you find something that is so awesome you have to talk about it.  That something is a new CD I got from the library this week.  I was looking at all the different CDs and trying to find something cool to listen too.  This can be tough for me I listen to a ton of different music right now.  Although nothing has been inspiring.  Lately new music has been sounding the same as my old music.  I've been trying out old bands I never really got around to listening too.

You could call me a bad person, I judge a CD by it's cover (that goes for books too).  I was looking at the "Urban" section at my library when I saw a weird little cover.  It looked like to gnomes hanging out trying to catch things.  I was like this really looks interesting.  It was by a band I'd never heard of, The Uncluded. I figured no harm checking it out from the library, I was so wrong.

After I got home I decide to look the band up on youtube and I found this little song by them called The Aquarium.  In comes the rappers, "Please don't tap on the glass. Please don't tap on the glass."  This started with a beat that sound good, better than any other rap song I'd heard in awhile.  It wasn't forced and over powering.  It had a good beat that I made me want to get up and dance.  I was in love with this song.  Plus it was about fish and aquariums.  I love aquariums and looking at fish, as long as I don't have to get into the water with them.  The song was amazing.

Well after watching the video I had to know more about this band and listen to more of the songs.  Good thing youtube had more songs as I started to rip the CD.  Then the most amazing thing happened.  I actually know both people in The Uncluded.  It was Kimya Dawson and Aesop Rock!  If you don't know who either of these people are, I'm really sorry for you.  I like both of these artist I already own some of their stuff on vinyl, yes LP's.  If you like hip-hop or folk music this might be the album for you.  I love it already.  I've had it for two days and listened to it ten times all the way through.  I played it a couple of times at work this morning instead of listening to my audio books.

I know this kind of music isn't for everyone, but I'm not sure if that matters.  I have declared the song of summer, The Aquarium.  That's how much I like the song.  This album may be the best thing I've heard in a long time, maybe a year, since I heard JEFF the Brotherhood.  They had the song of the summer last year with Sixpack.  I hope you all check out the great music that is The Uncluded.  I know I'll be enjoying them.  In fact I love this album so much I'm going to buy it to support them.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

i might be a nerd, but i don't think so

I know I've called myself a nerd before, but at the same time I'm not really sure if I am really am a nerd.  For one thing my wife is was to hot.  Which might not be a true test to see if you're a nerd or not, but I believe it is one thing that might make me less nerdy than other people.  I've never really had any nerd friends either, all my friends have been normal with a punk here and there.  Plus I try not to fly my nerd flag in "real life."  That means I don't go around telling people I read comics and make comics.  I don't jump into conversations about Star Wars and Star Trek with people, even people I know.  It's been this way for a long time.  Since high school really.  I got rid of my Magic the Gathering Cards in Jr. High.  Then my junior year I transformed my look to a 90's punk rocker.  I shed as much nerdiness as I could.  Sure I read comics here and there, but  I didn't associate with people that did that kind of thing.

Fast-forward to 2013, everywhere on the internet people are claiming to be nerds.  They're throwing on glasses and seeing superhero movies.  They scream that they are nerds because they've seen all the "comic" movies, which I doubt, because that means seeing all these little film too.  Yet, I still feel like being a nerd is a bad thing.  Sure I can tell you almost complete history of most of Marvel Comics characters.  I watch reruns of Babylon 5, Star Trekn (all series), Firefly, and Battlestar Galactica.  I play with Lego bricks.  I even draw my own webcomics, but don't call me a nerd.  Most people I met don't know about any of those things.  I try to tell people about them, but no one has ever been interested in my hobbies.  I always keep them quite and try to blend in with other people at work.  My shyness makes that hard too.  Still even though I feel like maybe nerd culture is accepted on the internet, no one in the real world has heard.

So what do you guys think?  Am I nerd?  Should I be proud and fly the nerd flag even if it makes me an outcast?  Plus what should my nerd flag look like?  And what do you think a nerd is?  Allison and I don't totally agree on what a nerd is.  Allison thinks she's a nerd and I don't think she is.  Once again, she's just to hot to be a nerd in my mind.

Now here's the song from Adam Warrock that made me think about all these deep nerdy thoughts.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Another Book of Mormon Study Guide

I'm pretty much the 14 to 15 year-old teacher right now.  They've put the regular teacher into a different "special" class to teach.  The last three weeks have been an interesting time teaching them so far.  The second time I taught them I didn't even know I was doing it, so I had to wing it.  They were about as energized as the first time I taught them.  There was one kid there that wasn't there the first time and he at least had a little energy and answered some of my questions.  Then the third week on;y two kids showed up!  My lesson plan was to split them up in little groups and have them present to the rest of the class.  That wouldn't work with two, so I had to totally convert it into a normal lesson at the last second.  Then yesterday I decide I would do another Study Guide.  It worked a little better than the first time.  I had two kids that weren't there for the first one that talk a little.  Yea! I was able to get those two to answer some of my boring questions.  I figured I would share the next study guide with you all.  I did recycle the Ezra Taft Benson picture.  I was a little lazy and didn't want to draw everything new or write it out.  The type version is much either to read in my opinion.  I might make one more of these before the regular teacher comes back, or I might not.  Who knows.

Friday, November 23, 2012

thanksgiving 2012

Yesterday was Thanksgiving!  What a great holiday, you get to eat food, watch movies, and sometimes go buy cheap stuff at stores.  This was our first Thanksgiving alone.  Three years of marriage and we have always gone to family to celebrate this holiday.  We love going to see our family, but with me having to work at midnight there was no way to enjoy the holiday with family.  Our thanksgiving was pretty awesome and eventful.  We made a chicken instead of a turkey.  Turkey are just way to big for the two of us, plus we both love this chicken that Allison makes.  Best chicken I've ever had.  We also had some stuffing, mashed potatoes, candied yams, and green beans.  Allison made an excellent dinner, plus it only took about an hour to make.  Most of that was the chicken cooking.  One thing about the chicken is it's so juicy that the juices spill and smoke up the house, causing the smoke detector to go off.  It was worth though.

The main excitement came about twenty minutes before dinner was ready.  Allison heard this weird noise.  At first we thought it was just the chicken crackling in the oven.  Oh that is a beautiful noise.  It was though.  The sound got loader the closer to our bedroom we got.  The noise was water pouring out of our ceiling in our bathroom!  We quickly got buckets to catch the water and towels to wipe up the water.  We called our maintenance guy and had him come look at it.  By the time he got here it had stopped.  He went upstairs to see if everything was alright up there.  Things upstairs were okay except for one little thing.  The new person who moved in didn't own a shower curtain.  They had laid towels all along the floor and took a shower.  Not the smartest move in the book.  Luckily it wasn't a big problem, just human error.  We went on and had our dinner and hopefully our upstairs neighbor will get a shower curtain, because I can't have water pouring out of my ceiling ever day.  I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving.  Lots of love from the Indiana McLeans.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

fourteen year-olds

Today I had to teach Sunday School for the 14 year-olds at church.  It wasn't as bad as teaching the adult gospel doctrine classes.  I didn't feel like they were judging my teaching skills, but I totally taught a cooler lesson for the 14 year-olds.  I made this cool little booklet to go along with my lesson.  I thought it would be really cool, but I'm not sure anymore.  Look at this, I've never received a pamphlet at church to go along with the lesson.

It has to be cool. When I'm talking about searching the scriptures I have Sherlock Holmes searching for clues!  If Sherlock Holmes isn't awesome, I just don't know what is.  Benedict Cumberbatch is the coolest guy around and he's Sherlock Holmes.  I guess my British love of Sherlock was lost of them.  Still the pamphlet is cool.  The back has a picture of the Angel Moroni.  Maybe I'm to much of a nerd and this stuff is lame.  I can't tell because I'm to close to the situation.

So the 14 year-olds were not excited at all during the lesson.  I'm not sure if they were bored either.  The lesson went super fast for me.  I didn't get very far through the part I planned to present which left a whole section off.  I really tried to get them involved int he lesson but my questions and stories didn't seem that engaging to them.  I must be getting old.  I can't relate to kids these days.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

three years

On a overcloud day with a little crisp to the air, much like it is right now I made the best choice I could ever make.  The sky threaten of showers, a little rain fell.  The leaves were changing from their hues of green to brilliant reds and oranges.  I dressed in a black suit.  Allison dressed in flowing white dress.  This day meant only one thing to us.  I've made very few good decisions, but today three years ago I made the best decision of my life.  Happy Anniversary Allison!